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A new look for one of our oldest disability service providers

14 October 2022

Yooralla has been instrumental in giving people with a disability the power to live a life of their choosing for over 100 years.

The not-for-profit organisation provides people with a disability (regardless of age or needs) with long and short-term accommodation alternatives, in-home support, therapy, attendant care, assistive technologies, employment, education, recreation, training and practical skills for daily living.

Future-proof digital ecosystem

When Yooralla engaged Liquorice to design and build a new digital platform, we quickly realised that the project would be a huge milestone (and a significant investment) for the organisation.

We wanted to ensure that the returns of this investment would set them up for long-term success, and so we decided to carefully consider the brand identity as part of this digital ecosystem. The previous brand identity had served Yooralla well for a number of years. However, the underlying platform, tagline and positioning reflected a cultural place and time that Yooralla had evolved beyond.

Similarly, the visual identity lacked the vibrance and dynamism of their diverse client cohorts, so Yooralla decided to undertake a brand refresh with Liquorice as well (much to our delight).

Yooralla enjoyed worked closely with Liquorice’s brand and website development teams to refresh Yooralla’s brand assets and design and build a new digital platform for improved accessibility and functionality creating a modernised experience for their clients and community.

Emily Harms, Marketing Manager

A sprint, not a marathon

As the website project had already begun (and was running to a strict timeline), the brand refresh project was run as a compressed sprint during the planning stage of the website. This ensured the colours, typography, and new brand assets would all be ready for inclusion in the initial round of high definition designs.

Running a workshop with key Yooralla stakeholders, including their internal designer, helped us to ensure the new brand identity would be a perfect fit, and the assets and guidelines were user friendly and practical for ongoing use.

Straight from the source

We worked closely with the Yooralla team throughout the digital strategy process to put together a comprehensive project overview. By looking in detail at the existing site structure and analysing what was and wasn’t working, we were able to generate clear objectives, priorities and opportunities for the digital revamp.

We were also lucky enough to test some of our initial wireframe prototypes with a number of Yooralla’s clients in a group user testing session. This was invaluable in uncovering detailed user feedback from people who knew the current site well and had great insights as to how it could be improved.

From determining which icons worked best for each service to what accessibility information needed to be highlighted for a property, the feedback helped to make the website extremely informative, clear and usable.

Vibrant, engaging, accessible

We extended the colour palette to include a variety of warm and vibrant colours which embody the optimism and human spirit of the organisation and its communities. A suite of graphic shapes and patterns also helps to communicate diversity, inclusion, and optimism.

When considering colours, a number of pairings and sub-palettes were developed for the various communication streams – both to provide teams with a sense of identity and to help clients navigate often complex information via clear hierarchies.

Accessibility was an incredibly high priority so all colours were paired with dark and light tints to ensure the target AAA compliance could be met. Accessibility also informed the recut of the already rounded and friendly Yooralla logo. The new wordmark has been tracked out, with more open and clear character forms that don’t touch, resulting in a cleaner, improved reading of the name.

The new wordmark is supported by a new family of brand fonts from foundry Pangram Pangram.


The refreshed Yooralla brand and the new website have now made their debut. Check it out here.


Digital Strategy

Creative Direction

Brand Identity Design

Digital Design

Front-end Development

Back-end Development


Digital Strategy: Emerald Cowell

Brand Identity Design: Shane Loorham

Copywriting: Madeleine Baud

Animation: Andrew Fiscalini

Digital Design: Will Batrouney

Technical Direction and Development: Matthew Storey

Project Management: Molly Edwards & Jackson Callanan

We live and work on the lands of the Wurundjeri people.
We acknowledge their ownership of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.