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When the team from Aeon Media (publisher of the acclaimed Aeon and Psyche magazines) came to us with a bold vision for a new international cultural event series, we were immediately on board.

After collaborating with the visionary team on a number of brand and digital projects over the past few years, we knew their capacity for big thinking. Energised by their excitement, we jumped into this latest project with gusto.

The challenge: to create a warm, engaging, atmospheric visual identity and web design for their latest project, the Sophia Club.

In the words of Paul Hains, Founder & CEO:

"Philosophy is for everyone. We all have a stake in making sense of the world and puzzling over what it means to live a good life. The Sophia Club reflects my belief that we can all be the philosophers of our own lives. I hope you will join us."

What is the Sophia Club?

The Sophia Club is an accessible and welcoming space where curious thinkers can experience a spirited, philosophical conversation between a host and a speaker on a particular theme. Captivating performances by musicians, dancers and other performance artists are woven through the evening, each demonstrating a unique way of 'doing philosophy'. To top it off, attendees can also enjoy delicious food and drink and opportunities to mingle.

Themes are built around their “Five fields of inquiry”: world views, deep time, being human, living together, and creating art.

The Sophia Club will eventually be a physical place (more on that later) but, in the mean time, it has started its life as a nomadic program of cultural events in New York, London and Melbourne. The first season ran from April to July 2022 and included three events in each of the three cities, showcasing an exciting new format, Live Philosophy.

Sophia Club Paste Up Posters
Sophia Club Neon Sign

A light in the dark

Our approach to the Sophia Club project was to use visual identity and website design to take the audience on an immersive journey of ideas, reflecting the ethos of Sophia Club and its Live Philosophy events.

We took inspiration from the atmosphere of the club itself; of bright lights in dark, urban spaces, the warmth of crowds, and just a touch of mystery. This moody intrigue is such a big part of the event’s identity, and capturing this rather intangible feature was well worth the challenge. Because the events take place in three different cities, it was important to take a broad approach to depictions of these urban spaces.

The result is a wordmark that acts as a neon sign in an enchanting, amorphous cityscape. The brand has a distinct colour palette of rich reds and dusky blues, and is brought to life with a hero animation.

Sophia Club Photo Collage

Captivating users

It was so important for the website and broader digital presence to embody the brand’s rich personality, and not just wear it. By applying the identity consistently, keeping the navigation simple, and putting the events front and centre, we were able to create a captivating user experience. Visiting the website is like stepping out of a brightly lit street and into a moody, sultry club.

It is always a pleasure to work with Liquorice. They immediately understood our vision for the Sophia Club, translating the jazz-inspired nature of our Live Philosophy events into a rich digital experience. The site is beautiful, immersive and smooth to navigate, capturing some of the magic we aim to bring to each Sophia Club event.

— Aeon Media

Sophia Club Bus Poster

The Collingwood Project

The Sophia Club is working with architects, March Studio, to restore and renovate a beautiful Victorian building (and former bakery) in Collingwood. Once complete, Sophia Club Melbourne will have a permanent home for Live Philosophy.

If you’re in Melbourne, London or New York, visit and see what events are in your city.

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Brand Identity Design

UX Design

Creative Direction

UI Design


Project team

Shane Loorham: Creative Direction, Brand Design

Steve Mitchell: UX/UI Design

Emerald Cowell: Digital Strategy

Anna Gowers: Account Management

Andrew Fiscalini: Animation

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