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We love print, we love paper, and we love having special collaborative working histories with our long term suppliers and our clients. Lucky for us, Spicers is both of those things!

We had the pleasure of producing a sampler for Spicers’ Pacesetter range - a high-performing ‘house’ paper stock for printers all over Australia.

Pacesetter 01 Cover and Spreads A Full Width Image
Pacesetter 03 Angled shot A Full Column Width Image1

A typical paper range might encompass a few coated styles and perhaps an uncoated or two. Pacesetter is different. It's a bigger family, encompassing adhesives, tints, fluros, and even synthetic stocks. It provides printers with a huge variety of paper types without sacrificing quality or consistency.

The name itself inspired us to represent the Pacesetter range through sports imagery, and felt like a good fit for a target audience concerned with performance.

Pacesetter 03 Angled shot B Half Width Image
Pacesetter 02 Spine Full Width Image

Each sample consists of vivid visuals paired with an evocative description, connecting the name of the stock with its qualities and benefit to printers.

Our goal was to showcase the absolute best of each paper stock. The format of the piece, with two sheets each of the 'hero' stock, shows how Pacesetter performs when faced with common printing challenges, such as flat colour illustrations beside photography.

After the huge success of the Alchemy pack in the marketplace, we didn’t hesitate to work with Liquorice on our Pacesetter Promotion. They certainly ticked all the boxes with their 3 concepts that were presented to us. Each concept was so different and innovative, we had a very hard job in choosing our favourite and one that would really engage our printer and designer audience. The end result was the Pacesetter Family, ‘Set The Pace’ and boy, has it set the pace and has been so well received! Amazing work again by Liquorice, Bravo!

— Kerri Turner, Marketing Coordinator, Spicers

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We worked closely with Adams Print to refine ideas on format, size and speciality finishes, helping Spicers get the most dynamic outcome. Adams is a 115-year old printing company who, like Liquorice, have a true commitment to their craft so this was a perfect, planets-aligning opportunity to collaborate.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a stand-alone artefact of beauty as well as a promotional piece — a flagship for the papers and an object of desire for printers. However, we were also mindful that Spicers had other important target audiences, too, so we developed flexible assets which the Spicers marketing team could roll-out through a broader campaign.

It is practical, colourful, it shows the amazing printability of the stock AND again, my designers are loving this promotion. Thank you to the team at Liquorice for their awesome skills.

— Annie Bunting, Business Development Executive, Spicers

Pacesetter Street Posters Full Width Image

Spicers have been stopping by the Liquorice studio to talk all things paper for 10 years now, and we have been specifying their papers since our very first year in operation. We always look forward to their next visit.




Creative Direction

Graphic Design



Project team

Steve Mitchell: Copywriting, Illustration, Design

Shane Loorham: Creative Direction

Madeleine Baud: Copywriting

Anna Gowers: Project Management

Adams Print: Print and Production

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