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Baker, entrepreneur, legend. Natalie Paull’s Beatrix Bakes cake empire has taken many forms; from cake shop to cookbook to online baking buddy.

When Nat got in touch with us, she had already successfully transitioned Beatrix Bakes from a traditional brick-and-mortar cake store to an online cake ordering business. This was a largely organic shift, supported by her local client base, but Nat saw an opportunity to build and refresh her brand to reflect this new era, and to create a better digital experience for her audience.

With an engaged audience base and a highly anticipated cookbook release in 2024 (available from Hardie Grant), Nat sought to revamp her brand and digital presence. The goal was to develop a platform capable of accommodating rich content, such as how-to videos, recipes, and cake coaching ideas. The project aimed to refresh the brand identity, conduct a digital transformation audit, and create a new website that could support upcoming book-related content.

Re-writing the recipe

We facilitated immersive strategic workshops where we worked together to define the challenges and establish success metrics. Aligning our agency's strategy with Nat's overarching objectives gave us a shared vision for Beatrix Bakes' future success.

Crafting Joy

Through extensive research, market analysis, and collaborative workshops, we developed a brand strategy that would resonate with Beatrix Bakes' audience and reflect its unique identity.

At the core of Beatrix Bakes' new brand strategy lies the essence of "Crafting Joy." This essence encapsulates Nat’s commitment to creating moments of joy, connection and care through the art of baking. Crafting joy signifies more than just the act of baking; it represents the fusion of intellect and emotion, skill and passion. It acknowledges that true mastery in baking requires both technical expertise and heartfelt dedication.

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Brand identity

The new visual identity is friendly and bubbly, expressing the joy of baking over precision or finesse. Its contemporary colour palette adds sophistication and, partnered with an amazing suite of photography and video, communicates confidence and a mature sense of self.

BB Socials

Who’s baking what?

Leveraging insights from the collaborative workshops, we crafted three distinct user personas and corresponding journeys. These personas delved beyond demographic data, capturing nuanced attributes such as personality traits, baking proficiency, needs, frustrations and aspirations. By empathising with the diverse motivations and pain points of Beatrix Bakes' audience, we gained invaluable perspective to tailor the digital experience effectively.

A shopping list of keywords

To bolster Beatrix Bakes' online visibility and content relevance, we conducted comprehensive SEO keyword analysis and devised a tailored strategy.

Meticulously evaluating potential keywords based on a variety of criteria (such as search volumes, search intent, ranking difficulty, customer relevance and competitive landscape), and then synthesising these insights, Liquorice curated a robust library of content ideas and keywords, ensuring that Beatrix Bakes' digital content resonated with its target audience while optimising organic search performance.

The big reveal

By leveraging a multi-disciplinary team and implementing a holistic approach, Liquorice helped Beatrix Bakes to transform into an engaging digital brand. The new website and enhanced content offerings not only cater to existing customers but also attract new audiences. Beatrix Bakes is set for growth in the online baking community, with valuable resources and inspiration for baking enthusiasts worldwide.



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Project team

Shane Loorham: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design

Emerald Cowell: Digital Strategy

Madeleine Baud: Brand Strategy, Copywriting

Molly Edwards: SEO & Analytics

Andrew Fiscalini: Animation

Annika Kafcaloudis: Photography

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