Our Products

A suite of beautiful tools to help you get the most from your brand

To complement our creative services, we’ve built a suite of tools to help our clients manage their brands and content more easily. Read more about our products Dokio, Aniseed CMS, and Brand Manual below.


Dokio is our online toolkit for creating and managing brand communications. With Dokio, marketing teams can create and customise eDMs, web banners, print material and even campaign landing pages directly from their browser and be completely confident that they are on-brand every time.

Dokio is designed for large enterprises and includes features like approval workflows, budget overviews, content sharing and fine-grained user control, which makes team management a breeze. It’s perfect for organisations with multiple retail outlets, franchises or corporate sales teams.

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Aniseed CMS was created to provide clients with the best possible website editing experience. We wanted a system that instantly felt familiar, was easy to navigate, fast, and gave us limitless design freedom.

In Aniseed, you’ll never see anything you don’t need — every field is customised to match your website’s content and there are site-specific instructions on every page to guide you through the editing process. Under the hood, Aniseed has a host of powerful features including advanced caching so sites load with lightning speed even on slow internet connections. Aniseed comes with a free-to-use licence for all Liquorice web clients.


Brand Manual is a cloud-based brand guidelines platform that provides access to all of your brand’s latest style-guide information, digital files and online tools.

Brand Manual is a quick and simple way to communicate your brand identity to everyone in your organisation. With built in features that help you organise digital assets like high resolution images and typefaces, you can be confident your team will always have access to the right files and the most up-to-date information.