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Pots, pints & parmas: the great pub parley

29 Apr 2022

Madeleine Baud

Written by

Madeleine Baud

Copywriter / Brand Strategist

There are few traditions in the workplace as sacred as the end-of-week pub lunch and, at Liquorice, we're utterly devoted to this tradition. That is, before the pandemic ruined everything.

After the best part of two years, we're just now plotting our return to one of Fitzroy's many grand old pubs. The question is... which one?

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Democracy in action

Before we embark on our pilgrimage for sustenance and good times, we must first come to a democratic decision – one that will affect the outcome of the entire afternoon. Where exactly should we eat? The three main contenders who have earned the enviable title of Liquorice go-tos (largely due to proximity to our HQ) are: The Standard, The Napier and The Rainbow.

In order to decide between these three very worthy establishments, we employ a multi-faceted tiering system that takes into account a number of categories including weather, vibes and/or feelings, and what everyone wants to eat.

So, without further ado, we present to you the guide to our local pubs that also doubles as our secret formula on deciding where to spend each Friday afternoon.

The formula

Beer garden
The Standard boasts the best outdoor area, which on a pleasant sunny day will usually get it the nod from most in the Liquorice office.

Range of beer
Which has the best beer will vary a bit. The Napier always has an excellent selection and rotates the beers regularly to keep things interesting. They also have some good darker beers in the winter months. The Rainbow prides itself on its beer selection and has a ‘100 beer’ challenge (which one takes part in over many months, I hasten to add). Any pub that has 100 beers to choose from gets the OK from us.

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Protection from the elements
On days in which Mother Nature has either turned up the mercury or opened up the flood gates, we usually seek shelter in The Napier. Its thick walls do a great job of keeping the extreme heat out, and also contains a toasty open fire for the cold winter months. Mind you, The Standard also possesses a nice fire.

Delicious napoli sauce, fresh ham, golden brown cheese and a healthy sized chicken breast. The Napier takes home the chocolates for best parmy.

The Standard sets the standard for chips. Perfectly cooked, excellent seasoning and all-round great chips.

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Chicken burger
The Rainbow does the best Chicken burger. Note: we do not care to discuss beef or lamb burgers.

Steak sandwich
The Napier chalks another 1st place ribbon in the food sphere, producing a consistently delicious steak sandwich. However, both The Rainbow and The Standard do a very respectable job of it.

The Standard gets a special mention for its half fish and chips for those that are diet and hip-pocket conscious. The Napier also scores in this category for its ‘Bogan burger’, a consistent fan favourite.

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So, there you have it.

Controversial? Maybe. Exhaustive? Far from it. A third thing? Absolutely.

See you at the bar.

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