New Kids On The Block

by Madeleine Baud

14 December 2017

2017 was a huge year for Liquorice (and its BFF, Dokio). We have welcomed many extraordinary new people to our team.

So many, in fact, that we decided we needed a whole blog post just to introduce a few of them.

Hammy, Technical Director

Hammy, Technical Director

Tell us your name, your position and when you started at Liquorice.

HG: Hammy Goonan, Technical Director, September 2017.

TC: I'm Tamera Crang. I work as a Senior Digital Account Manager and I have been with Liquorice since July 2017. 

SM: My name is Steve Mitchell and I am a Graphic Designer. I started in November 2017.

SC: Sarah Castle, Operations Manager, August 2017.

MB:  Madeleine Baud. Copywriter. February-ish, I think. Remembering is not one of my skills.

Tam, Senior Digital Account Manager

Tam, Senior Digital Account Manager

How did you come to apply for the position and what were your first impressions of the company?

HG: A recruiter I have dealt with in the past got in touch out of the blue because he knew it would be a position I would be interested in. It was a cold rainy night when I first came in, the lights were down low and there was some broody techno playing. Scott took me out for a drink (excellent interviewing technique) and it was very quickly apparent that we were on the same page.

TC: I actually came across the position through a social media post and because I was already a fan of their insta vibes, I thought it made perfect sense to apply. 

SM: I was approached by our Design Director Shane Loorham who was looking for a mid-weight designer to join the crew. Having come from a two-man studio, I was excited by the opportunity to work as part of a larger design team, at a company that was progressive and driven by a strategic approach to brand design.

SC: I was introduced to Scott via a recommendation from a friend/ex-colleague. After a couple of catch-ups, we agreed it seemed like a good match and started working up my newly-created position description together. My first impression of Liquorice was: these people are TOO nice. It can't be real. What are they hiding? Luckily for me, it has transpired that people actually CAN be that nice.

MB: Liquorice wanted a copywriter. I wanted a copywriting job. The planets aligned. It was magic. My first impressions were that this is a happy place to be.

Steve, Graphic Designer

Steve, Graphic Designer

Describe a typical day in three words.

HG: Cycling. Coding. Music.

TC: Lots of laughs :)

SM: Commute. Design. Explore.

SC: "To be confirmed"

MB: Coffee. Ideas. Coffee.

Sarah, Operations Manager

Sarah, Operations Manager

What do you bring to Liquorice?

HG: Mad Trello skills and fine wine.

TC: I love helping teams unite for a greater purpose. I’m also a mean baker. Pie, anyone? 

SM: My background is predominantly in print but I also bring skills in hand-lettering and custom typography.

SC: Experience in implementing improved processes and systems (which I find strangely satisfying) and a laugh akin to a witch's cackle. Most importantly, though - my expertise in wine, beer and Friday snack selection!

MB:  I’m a copywriter but I can also design, ideate, strategise, or whip up an illustration. I love progress and keeping projects moving so I’m always putting my hand up and saying “I can do that”.

Madeleine, Copywriter

Madeleine, Copywriter

We've got Liquorice on level 1 and Dokio recently moved into level 2. If we took over the ground floor, what would go in there?

HG: A video game arcade with all the classics with an excellent selection of hoppy beers for sale at the bar.

TC: Definitely a tasty food business and maybe a coffee cart!

SM: I would split the area into a photographic studio and a lounge area with a turntable, where we could hang out and listen to a great collection of records.

SC: Hmm, this is a hard decision. I would probably opt for a kitsch tiki bar with a pool table, pinball machines and definitely a Galaga arcade machine - the cocktail table style for ease of playing whilst drinking from a pineapple.  

MB: A private detective agency. A bell would ring when there’s a mystery to be solved and we’d all slide down a fireman’s pole to the ground floor. I’ve thought about this a lot.