Meet Shane

by Madeleine Baud

24 October 2017

Meet Shane Loorham, our creative director.

Who are you?

I'm known for being: 
– the creative director here at Liquorice
– the feeder and groomer of our sometime studio samoyed Cotton
– a husband 
– a father of a wild 2yo named Raffy
– and an old mate to many.

What do you do at Liquorice?

In my role as creative director at Liquorice (my home of 6 years), I lead a team of brilliant minds to craft beautiful and effective communications based on research and insights. Working across brand strategy, brand identity design, implementation and roll-out, my job is to turn complex problems into simple ideas. On any day, you can find me collaborating with strategists, designers, developers, writers, illustrators, animators, directors, producers, artists and, of course, our clients.

How did you get here?

In my 13 years in the trade, I have designed:
– Digital and UX with a bunch of surfers in St Kilda
– FMCG packaging and retail environments in Oslo
– Experiences and product ideas with IDEO in London
– Wayfinding and environments with industrial designers here in Melbourne

I came to Liquorice already a close friend of our managing director Scott. Before I joined, Scott shared his ambition to build a people-focused business that was unique in its delivery of experiences. Specifically, the experience of the design team itself. To me, it sounded pretty great, and I'm still here 6 years later!

What's the best thing about working at Liquorice?

The people, it’s like a family here. There are very open communication channels and very little sense of hierarchy. I think we’ve created and consistently improved on a really welcoming and comfortable environment over the years. I can’t help but look forward to going into work every day.

If you could learn one new skill, what would it be?

Whistling. The situation, as it stands, is just embarrassing really. In terms of more achievable skills (I’ve had to acknowledge that whistling will never happen), I’m actually planning to throw myself into kite surfing this coming summer - it’s been high on my list.

Where do you find inspiration?

90% Internet. Love that internet.
4% Conversations with humans.
3% Podcasts during my cycle commute. 
2% Books and printed matter. This percentage sadly drops annually.
1% The crazy stuff my little boy says.

Tell us something we don't know about you.

When I was 11 years old, I helped a school friend, Pete, publish a series of fictitious children's newspapers. We developed branded merch based on the characters in the newspapers and, pretty soon, what started as a gag to hustle Pete's little brother's pocket money escalated into a mini-publishing business.

Eventually, Pete moved on to running an illegal milk bar from his school locker (he was the true entrepreneur) but I continued to build on my new-found love for Microsoft Publisher and Paint. I guess you could say I learned very early the thrill of brand building and storytelling.