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Alcohol & Drug Foundation

A new website for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation

30 November 2017

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation is a trusted voice in Australia. They believe that building safe, healthy and resilient communities is the best way to overcome the challenges of alcohol and other drug misuse.

The ADF inform and advocate for drug and alcohol education in order to prevent harm. They provide support, resources and training to a range of audiences including individuals, sports clubs, local communites and organisations. Their research has also culminated in a comprehensive databases of drug information and support services.

With such a prolific output came multiple websites, each with its own brand and, soon, the ADF found themselves in need of a way to re-focus their goals and offerings.

While working with Luke Van O on a major rebrand and updated brand strategy, the ADF developed a forward-thinking digital strategy. They then engaged Liquorice to help them design and build a single, cohesive website to house a range of their initiatives and programs. Our experience building large, content-heavy websites for large organisations meant we were up to the challenge of unifying the ADF's digital brand presence.

The changing political and social landscape has always meant that the ADF needed to be flexible and agile. The brief for the website was no different: it must have the flexibility to accommodate new content and new programs. It must be constantly evolving.

The homepage features adaptable modules allowing the ADF to shift focus and messaging quickly and easily.

But how would that work?

After an initial launch at the end of 2016, Liquorice took over the ongoing design and development of the site and have been collaborating on the site ever since. We needed to be sure the ADF's digital prescence supported the kind of responsiveness and flexibility they needed (and continue to need) as an organisation.

Our challenge was this: how to create a website that looks clean and crisp and unified but houses a number of different programs, initiatives and tools? How can we make it usable and friendly but still support a huge library of detailed (and constantly evolving) content? Finally, how can we help strike a balance between the objective, authoritative position of the ADF and still be approachable, friendly advocates?

In order to maintain flexibility and allow for future growth, Liquorice and the ADF began employing agile methodologies, structuring a working relationship that would foster the kind of responsiveness that the website required.

We shared project management responsibilities and worked together to develop the overall UX strategy. We decided it would be the responsibility of both parties to actively suggest upgrades, new features, brief modifications etc.

The Insights and Resources section of the website gives the ADF's primary prevention evangelists a platform to get their message out into the world.

The new ADF website is easier to use, both for users and for ADF staff. Content is easily updated and information and resources are more accessible.

The drug directory has improved search functionality. Instead of having to search for the drug's offical name to get results, users can also search using the drug's street name and its effects. The new site also features an Insights and Resources section where the ADF can keep users up-to-date with its latest findings and also express its advocative side.

This modern, more community-focused site has enabled the ADF to gain a broader audience. It showcases both the objective and advocative side of the organisation.

The Drug Facts section of the website allows for search by drug name, slang name or drug effect.

Feedback on the new website has been extremely positive, both anecdotally and statistically. The site's ease of use enables the ADF to put their best foot forward every day and our collaborative working relationship has opened up new possibilities for future projects.

The ADF and Liquorice continue to see the benefits of this new, agile way of working with the recent launch of the ADF intranet and the ADF shop. The intranet introduces staff to the new brand strategy and identity and creates an active, welcoming (and, most importantly, usable) platform that staff actually want to use. The intranet includes staff highlights and internally-facing news and updates.

In addition to purchasing educational materials and pamphlets, the ADF shop is also where organisations can book workplace education courses. Between the main site and the webshop, the ADF is the destination for drug and alcohol prevention information and resources.

ADF Intranet and ADF Shop both utilise the visual language established in the main ADF website.

So, what’s next?

Keep an eye out for our latest collaboration, the ADF Community Hub, in 2018. The Community Hub will be an online platform where community groups can apply for funding to run primary prevention activities in their local community. Primary prevention activities are community-based programs that help to prevent harm caused by drugs and alcohol. Through this platform, members of the community can get together to form a group, apply for funding and connect with other communities going through the same process. It's just another way the ADF are empowering individuals and communities to make change where it’s most needed.


Digital Strategy

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Front-end Development

Back-end Development


Digital Strategy: Jim Yencken

UX & UI Design: Peter Binek

Project Management: Tamera Crang

Development: Michelle Chan and Vivian Genato

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We acknowledge their ownership of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.