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Spicers Alchemy

7 March 2017

Our designers love the smell of wet ink in the morning! So we were delighted when our friends at Spicers approached us to design this specialty paper sampler. Even more so when they revealed their desire to showcase a handful of beautiful Fedrigoni and Neenah papers with embellishments such as foiling, letterpress, embossing and form-cutting.

We concocted the theme of theatrical cocktail recipes printed onto coaster sized swatches. At once magical and functional... though we have yet to sully a single coaster with a wet martini glass. 

Each recipe was chosen for its own ‘embellished’ ingredient or technique. Think edible gold flakes, a garnish of crispy bacon or a plume of smoke. Like mixology, the recipients of the pack are encouraged to mix and match the stocks with specialty finishes. Encouraging transformation through print 'alchemy' to create work even more beautiful than designers wildest expectations.

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Making the switch to Sketch

Written by Angus Tait

9 February 2017

The web is evolving at a rapid pace. This may seem like an obvious statement, but when your job is designing for the web, it’s important to acknowledge this pace rather than resist it.

For the last decade, Adobe products have been the mainstream design tools for both print and web designers. The downside, however, to being popular with a wide range of design-related camps is that it’s much more difficult to make drastic changes to a product without upsetting several of these camps at once. Illustrator, for example, is used by web designers, packaging designers, pattern makers, artists, illustrators and more. The specific needs of one type of user do not necessarily reflect the needs of all.

Recently, a wide range of almost single-minded apps have surfaced, focusing on the needs of one type of user to the exclusion of all others. There are apps specifically for providing handover documentation (Zeplin), for prototyping (InVision, Flinto), for creating brand guidelines (Frontify) and colour palettes (Open Color Tools), just to list a few. Smaller products aimed at niche audiences have lead to greater changes and much, much better design tools for the ever-changing web.

Sketch is another of these single-minded apps, and although it has been around for nearly seven years, it’s only in the last three that it has become a significant competitor to Adobe products as a web design application. The Subtraction.com Design Tools Survey of 2015 revealed that a majority of web designers are now using Sketch as some part of their workflow. This, along with a couple of major feature updates in 2016 made the case for switching to Sketch too compelling for us at Liquorice to ignore.

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Head Heart & Tales Distilling

8 February 2017

A family story born in the wheatbelt of Western Australia and proudly made in Victoria, Head Heart & Tales (HH&T) launched in late 2016 with brand, website and flagship product packaging by Liquorice. The company name refers to the distillation process during which the ‘head’ and the ‘tail’ of the spirit are removed, leaving only the ‘heart’ to be bottled and labeled with care.

Each bottle of HH&T spirits comes wrapped in a newsprint inspired bag with a tall product 'tale' on it's back. This idea inspired in part by stories passed down from the company founder's grandfather and father. A custom copper coin, wooden stopper and a foil stamped and individually numbered tamper seal complete the packaging. Liquorice developed the product names and tales and supported them with commissioned illustrations from NYC based Matt Huynh.

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